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File Age Message Size
blob AssignShowUser.php 6 years 4 months Loic d'Anterroches: Added the link to the author profile when possible. 2.01 kB
blob HotKey.php 6 years 4 months bohwaz: Fixed issue 58, bug avec les raccourcis clavier. 1.38 kB
blob IssueComment.php 5 years 5 months Mehdi Kabab: Added ticket 259, automatic linking of issues/commits to support TortoiseSVN preferred issue/commit naming. 8.80 kB
blob Markdown.php 5 years 8 months Andrew Nguyen: Fixed issue 262, embbed documents from repository in Documentation wiki. 4.16 kB
blob MarkdownPrefilter.php 4 years 8 months Mehdi Kabab: Fixed issue 509, indefero wiki do not support strikethrough. 8.18 kB
blob ShowUser.php 6 years 4 months Loic d'Anterroches: Updated to send to the dashboard when clicking on the "me" links. 2.47 kB
blob TimelineFragment.php 6 years 5 months Loic d'Anterroches: Added ticket 45, base implementation of a timeline. 1.25 kB

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