Indefero Git Change Log

Age Message
2 years 5 months Start 1.3.4 development
2 years 5 months Release 1.3.3
2 years 5 months Fix a problem in jquery.hotkeys that triggered global hotkeys when one was

in a password text field. Upstream should know of this problem for a long
time already, but hasn't released a fixed version yet, so we're applying
our own patch here (fixes issue 821).
2 years 5 months Update French translation from Transifex.
2 years 8 months $prj wasn't defined, so use the project reference that the page has instead (fixes issue 808)
2 years 9 months Use git's "find copies harder" algorithm to - well - find copies in changesets

and render them as such.
2 years 10 months Ensure that PHP doesn't interpret read ini file values and therefor

scrambles the output of hgrc files (issue 523).
2 years 10 months Copy over all project properties, except a few scm settings and very

project-specific ones, when a new project is based on another one.
2 years 11 months Use Pluf's new migration capabilities to prevent problems with the

circular dependency between project and project activity during
new db installations (issue 800).
ATTENTION: IDF now needs Pluf a45dc195 or newer!
2 years 11 months Make the current_activity field in IDF_Project nullable and fix

a problem in the migration 25's down method (issue 800)
2 years 11 months If ssh public key data contain forward slashes, the SyncGit cron job

did not properly find and update the region which it should have
under its control (thanks to Simon Gareste for the fix!)
2 years 11 months Add two more targets to dump and restore application backups.
2 years 11 months Do not display all project to a user if he has no rights for

_any_ project of the forge, but actually hide all... thanks
to René Klomp for this finding!
2 years 11 months Start 1.3.3 development.
2 years 11 months Release 1.3.2.
2 years 11 months Of course $ids should have been initialized beforehand...
2 years 11 months Fix the project display when no projects are available or visible.
2 years 11 months Start with 1.3.2 development.
2 years 11 months Enter a release date and pin the current version.
2 years 11 months - move getProjectsWithLabelCounts to IDF_Views (where the other functions

reside as well) and make it static
- refactor out the code from getProjects that determines which projects
are visible by a user and use the same code to restrict the count that
we calculate for all available project tags
- calculating the project stats is now no longer O(5n) but simply O(5)
when it comes to SQL queries (where n is the number of filtered projects);
remove the member statistic since it makes no sense in this context
2 years 11 months Remove OS9 line ending support again, this was left out for a reason.

Fix tests after issue 804 was fixed.
2 years 11 months Replace the implementation of splitIntoLines by a new one that does

not need PHP's array_shift which tends to be very slow for arrays
with many thousand entries (fixes issue 804).
2 years 11 months Revamp this a little and make it jQuery 1.7 compatible (fixes issue 803)
2 years 11 months Improve the error we throw at the user if no configuration is found

to calculate the project activities.
2 years 11 months Reference the issue in which the Postgres issues have been tracked.