Indefero Git Change Log

Age Message
2 years 10 months Write-protect git repository over HTTP!

I totally misunderstood the access control mechanism (but it's logical
that it behaves the way it does), and so on git projects with "open"
source access, repos were write-for-all.

This should fix it by enforcing member-or-owner auth for writes.

Signed-off-by: Patrick Georgi <>
2 years 11 months Use idf_exec_prefix when git tools are called
2 years 11 months Make HTTP auth cover all popular FastCGI workarounds
2 years 11 months Use REDIRECT_* for FastCGI/PHP Authorization handling
2 years 11 months Document HTTP repository access for git
2 years 11 months If necessary, create git repository on first http access
2 years 11 months Use new semantics for adding an stdin stream to PassThru
2 years 11 months Stylistic fixes
2 years 11 months Move http repository access to /r/$project

It's a shorter URL and also helps git derive the right name
for the clone.
2 years 11 months Provide http access to git repositories

/p/$project/source/repo for git repos now exposes both
"dumb" and "smart" http protocol access.
2 years 11 months Add basic framework for web based repository access

/p/$project/source/repo/ is assigned to a method that
takes care of providing repository access.
For now, this results in an exception on all SCMs.
2 years 11 months Improve the 'parents' parsing for git and ignore any empty parts; also

react gracefully if we could not parse the parents for some weird reason.
2 years 11 months Reworked the option / argument handling in the SVN interface to

have less code duplication.
2 years 11 months Dropped a few more not needed files.
2 years 11 months - Make the SVN test case work without specific test configuration.

- Rename the test repo to match the test function so we can create
more test repositories for other tests at a later stage.
- Remove useless hooks and configs from the repo (they are not used
for our specific test and just need memory).
- Note the fix for issue 721 in NEWS.mdtext.
2 years 11 months Make SVN backend more robust

The SVN backend failed when trying to access historical information on deleted files.

There's also an initial test case for the SVN backend, testing this issue
and issue 364, which is about a similar problem for renamed files.
Reverting any of these fixes breaks the test.
3 years 5 days Note the change from issue 716.
3 years 5 days Merge branch 'feature.content-md5' into develop
3 years 8 days Provide MD5 value of downloads to HTTP client

Content-MD5 is a HTTP header to provide end-to-end integrity checks
(see RFC2616, 14.15). This doesn't protect against malicious
modifications, but against transmissions errors and storage errors
on the server.

The change also removes one redirect when downloading files.
3 years 27 days Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
3 years 27 days Fix issue 247 : cron overwrites authorized_keys during cron run
3 years 1 month Postgres needs a VARCHAR cast, which MySQL doesn't understand, of

course. *sigh*
3 years 1 month Postgres (and probably others as well) needs an explicit char cast.
3 years 1 month Fix the rendering of issue changes in a mail template and the issue feed fragment.
3 years 1 month Fixed stupid missing semicolon.