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Table of Content

This page lists all steps to release a new version of InDefero

This list is likely to change over time - nothing is set in stone here...

Pre Release

  1. Write an announcement to
    • announce the envisioned release date; let this date be at least 14 days in the future for anything else than patch releases
    • announce a string freeze to allow translators to catch up
  2. regularily update from Transifex to allow testers early feedback on the quality of the translations
  3. Ask for platform testers and let them check that Indefero is still running under all supported configurations (especially under MySQL and PostgreSQL!); ensure that database migrations work for all platforms
  4. Monitor / fix bugs that are targeted for the release or retarget issues that will not make it into it
  5. Ensure that the few regression tests we have are all green by running the run-tests script in the root directory
  6. Start preparing the NEWS.mdtext file:
    • add missing features, bug fixes and translation updates
    • write important / compatibily-related changes on top
    • order features by importance, bugs by number (oldest bugs first)
    • check the issue tracker and add missing references to issues
    • last, but not least: check spelling and grammar
  7. Ensure that all authors got credit in AUTHORS


  1. Pull recent i18n updates from transifex
  2. Check NEWS.mdtext one last time for changes
  3. Enter a release date in UTC format on top of NEWS.mdtext
  4. Create a tag object with git tag -a vMAJOR.MINOR(.PATCH) REVISION; if you want to create a signed tag, use -s instead of -a
  5. Create a zip release with make BRANCH-zipfile and rename the created file to indefero-MAJOR.MINOR(.PATCH).zip
  6. Add the NEWS section about the new release on top of the News wiki page
  7. Upload the created archive to InDefero's download site and write a short description of the release; deprecate the previous version and remove the Featured tag from it; add the Featured tag to the just created download
  8. Announce the release on
  9. Announce the release on
  10. Push the created tag with git push origin vMAJOR.MINOR(.PATCH)
  11. Party!

Post Release

  1. Bump the version number in the develop branch in src/IDF/version.php to vMAJOR.(MINOR+1)-dev
  2. If you created a separate release branch, bump its version number to vMAJOR.MINOR.(PATCH+1)-dev
  3. Prepare a new NEWS section in NEWS.mdtext for the next version
  4. Go to InDefero's project administration and edit the predefined issue labels:
    • change the milestone that denotes the current (stable) version to old
    • add a new "Next Patch Release" milestone with Milestone:ReleaseMAJOR.MINOR.(PATCH+1 for patch releases and additionally a new "Next Minor Release" with Milestone:ReleaseMAJOR.(MINOR+1) milestone for minor releases