Issue 514: display html files from revision control directly in browser without pretty-printing

Reported by Wolfgang Spraul, Aug 4, 2010

If a html file is checked into revision control, there seem to be 
two URLs to access it:


The first one will pretty-print the HTML, the second one will prompt 
the browser to download the file.
Is it possible to offer a third way so that the browser would treat 
the HTML file directly as it is?

This could help committing HTML files with relative links to other 
files that are committed.

Comment 1 by Loïc d'Anterroches, Aug 18, 2010

For security reasons, this is not possible. If someone can commit a 
"bad" html file in one project, he can trick the admin of 
another project to visit the "bad" html file and with 
scripts perform operations in the name of the other admin.
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Created: 4 years 8 months ago by Wolfgang Spraul

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