Issue 461: In defero is not open_basedir proof

Reported by Sébastien Le Ray, May 10, 2010

InDefero & Plus have several problems with PHP's open_basedir 
For example, default installation layout won't work with 
open_basedir & suphp docroot restriction.
Several other default values (/etc/mime.types, etc.) fail by default.

Comment 1 by Stéphane Goetz, May 10, 2010

I work myself on a host with suphp. and everything works fine.

actually, it's my own server, but the thing is that all the files 
are within the restricted path.

example .

the path is restricted to /home/username/

my svn folder is in /home/username/svn/
my svn auth files are in /home/username/auth/
and the indefero files are in /home/username/www/

and it works perfectly.

for the /etc/mimes.types, it's documented here :

in the section "For People with open_basedir restriction 

I hope this helps you.

Comment 2 by Sébastien Le Ray, May 12, 2010

The problem occurs on shared hosting when you've several vhosts and 
suphp restricts you to app docroot (check_vhost_docroot=true).

For the mime.types, I know it's easily solved but it's sad that 
default configuration generates errors (a simple check on 
open_basedir being set in default conf would do the trick).

Comment 3 by Loïc d'Anterroches, May 12, 2010

Indefero is not developed as a "shared hosting friendly 
application" for the following reasons:

- it interacts with too many systems (ssh keys for git, apache for 
subversion and Mercurial, cron jobs);
- shared hosting and PHP are all crazier than each other in their 
ways to control the PHP execution, this makes the development of 
workarounds painful and a simple check on open_basedir will sadly 
not do the trick,
- I do not have the time to do it.

But, I really welcome patches to make it more friendly for shared 
hosting, if it does not affect performance, I agree to merge them. 

At the moment, you can get a VPS which can run Indefero and way more 
for only €10 per month, you can also use the hosted offer for £49 
per year if you do not want to go through the installation process.
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Status: Fixed

Comment 4 by Loïc d'Anterroches, May 12, 2010

Note, please don't take it bad, your patches are really welcomed.

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